The classical introduction: Making the most out of this

Writing a blog in 2020 feels very strange, considering the general landscape on the Internet. But at the same time, it feels like the perfect time to do so, and in static format to boot. A long time ago I had a blog that ran from circa 2004 until 2008, it was mostly dedicated to posting reviews of old and obscure role-playing games (RPGs for short), and games made with amateur software like RPGMaker. It was good fun and became kinda popular among the people in that scene. Then life took a turn for the worse, a few years passed and now I'm generally content with the current state of my life.

Nowadays I barely play videogames, but once in a while I try some "quirky indie games" and point-and-click adventures. The good part is that I have triumphantly returned to regular reading, so that's a lot of musings waiting to be let out. Now for a big change of subject, something that irks me a bit (and that makes it interesting) is that while scientific divulgation and communication is probably at an all-time high, the process of science remains hidden under a veil of superstition and fake mystery. Of course a single neocities blog won't solve this issue, but at least it will help me to order my thoughts. Lastly, I like science fiction (without aliens, I don't like aliens) a lot, so I'll probably review sci-fi things. Naturally I'm interested in computers too, I have a biology background, but I bet you have at least heard about Bioinformatics. Extremely cool shit, so I want to learn programming, which means the important question is: Is it possible to learn programming by yourself at 30? CAN YOU!? Well, you're about to find out!

I intended this post to tell a little story and ended up being a "what can you expect from this blog".

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.